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Housing Crisis Action

the movement for saying "yes" to housing

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Standing up for housing solutions in Marin County

Here at Housing Crisis Action Group, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making Marin County a better place to live for all. Our mission is to create, build, and preserve much-needed housing.


By bringing together diverse organizations and individuals who care deeply about their communities, we are building the political will for Marin County to say "yes" to housing. 

What we do

Networking Event

Build and Convene Marin's Pro-Housing Coalition

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Educate Advocates and the Public on Housing Topics

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Mobilize the Community to Action

- Convene housing advocates at quarterly meetings to share resources, converge efforts, and unify the voice for housing in Marin

- Organize the Marin Housing Summit

- Organize engaging events where attendees gain insight into housing topics like barriers to development and project approval, housing-focused startups, legislative advocacy, the YIMBY movement, employers and the need for workforce housing, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

- Meet with project teams to provide early feedback and support of housing projects

- Provide action alerts, talking points, and sample letters for rapid response teams to show up and support housing at critical meetings


Housing Crisis Action

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