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Help us reach our goal! Over 55% of our fundraising goal has been raised! Donate to HCA's efforts today!

Levels to donate:

Leader ($1,000+)
Benefactor ($500 - $999)
Sustainer ($250 - $499)
Supporter ($100 - $249)
Friend ($1 - $99) 

Help by mailing us a check to 775 Baywood Dr # 101, Petaluma, CA 94954 addressed to "Housing Crisis Action"


*All donations are tax-deductible with our fiscal agent EAH a 501(c)3 organization* 

Your support of $50 helps us grow and continue to work for housing solutions in Marin through building more partnerships. 


Your support of $100 helps us continue getting results and building our critical mass of public opinion by supporting our top three initiatives for 2018:


  1. Source of Income Ordinances

  2. Accessory Dwelling Units (J/ADUs) 

  3. Creating Housing Stock


Your support of $250+ helps us works with project proponents who are reaching out to us to get our input on and support for their housing projects, including these projects in the works:


  • Whistlestop senior housing

  • Northgate Mall senior, workforce, and affordable housing

  • 4th St. San Rafael with 20% workforce and affordable housing

  • Mill Valley Seminary for senior, workforce, and affordable rental housing

"We are delighted to support HCAG. As a 50-year-old housing nonprofit that has struggled in recent years to build housing in Marin, we recognize the need to build grassroots political will for the development of housing here.”

Former CEO
Mary Murtagh

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We recognize the power of coming together to address housing at its core. We have full Steering Committee participation in our fundraising efforts because we can see the impact of our collaboration, coalition building, and advocacy. We know we are bringing the housing crisis to the forefront.

Donating Money
Steering Committee

Why Every Steering Committee Member

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